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Will I get charged every month? Will my credit expire?

You will not be charged monthly as there is no subscription plan on our site. Pay as you go is the most efficient way. Never waste a penny that is not needed. Credits will not expire, they will be in your account until you use them up.

What is your data source? Is it accurate?

The data source of all of our features is Amazon’s database, which guarantees 100% accuracy!

What buyer accounts are you using? Are they legit?

We have 40k+ real buyers from USA, EU, JP, etc with high quality buyer accounts to help you boost your sales, which is 100% safe and legit. We never use any fake account, which is why our result is much better!

What is your refund policy?

We will refund you fully if we failed to deliver the result we promised, which is highly unlikely.

Will my personal data be protected?

Of course! We will keep all of your personal info and orders confidential. Rest assured your data will be 100% safe.

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